Portfolio, Blog and Future Plans / by Anthony Benis

It took a few months of stumbling around on Squarespace but finally my website is up! I'll be posting new compositions, transcribing some of my favorite pieces, and blogging about music, video games and the like. Right now only my most recent pieces and scores are up including my thesis project, but I'll be adding some of my older work over the next week or so.


Looking ahead, I'm brushing up a research project on the game Pokémon Red and Blue in the hopes of getting it published. There are a few logistically things happening behind the scenes, but I'm confident that I'll be able to share my findings in one form or another. Now that most of my research is complete, I'm refocusing my attention on my 8-bit album for a Fall 2016 release. I definitely think that time frame is doable, but depending on a possible publishing opportunity that could easily change.


Since all this is mostly an update, my first real blog post is going to be on the similarities between writing words and writing music -- stay tuned!