Mark Benis is a composer, conductor and researcher from New York, NY with a passion for films and video games. His dual-degree education in music and engineering -- as well as his background as a pianist and violinist -- makes him a capable orchestrator, score editor and music producer of both concert and visual media works.
During his time as an undergraduate at Brown University, Mark founded the Brown Composers Collective, a student group for sharing compositions, and co-directed a series of concerts featuring original student music. His studies have culminated in a honors thesis project in which he composed pieces in the style of 8-bit video game music, orchestrated said pieces for a traditional septet, and conducted a performance of his work, titled Summerborne: A Musical Narrative. He graduated from Brown in 2016 with an A.B. in Music and an Sc.B in Chemical Engineering. 
Currently Mark is conducting research on Game Boy music, notably the score to Pokémon Red and Blue (1996). He plans to release an album of 8-bit music based on his thesis project in 2017, and in the fall he will pursue a Masters in Film and Video Game Scoring at NYU.